WEED FEED / John Ross Ferrara / Monday, Aug. 7, 2017 @ 10:43 a.m.

Weed Feed: Cannabis Company Buys California Ghost Town, Plans to Build Stoner Sanctuary

Like the old logging towns of Humboldt’s past, a cannabis company has bought up an entire unincorporated community in Southern California with the hopes of turning it into a pot paradise.

Nipton, CA. | Photos from Wikimedia.

Numerous media outlets report that Arizona-based cannabis company American Green Inc. purchased the small desert town of Nipton, Calif., last week. The 120-acre town was listed at $5 million, but Time reports that the company will not say how much it actually spent on the property.

The company put out a statement last week saying it plans to build the “first energy-independent, cannabis-friendly hospitality destination,” CNN reports

The company also said its planning an 18-month, $2.5 million-dollar development that will feature mineral baths, lodging, cannabis shopping, and an “eco-tourism experience for conscious cannabis consumers.”

American Green will start by bottling Nipton’s water and infusing it with cannabis, and it plans to offer cultivated cannabis and edibles at a later date.

Previously a gold and silver mining town, Nipton is now home to fewer than 20 people. The town sits along the Nevada border, roughly an hour outside Las Vegas.

Nevada legalized recreational cannabis last month but is still working out many industry details. Recreational cannabis will be legal to sell in California starting next year.


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