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Weed Feed: Top Marijuana Stories of 2018

2018 was a big year for the weed, especially here in California, where recreational pot became legal for the first time.

Before we move forward with a new year of weed-related news, here’s a look back at the 10 most viewed Weed Feed articles of 2018.

  1. Seven of 10 Northern Spotted Owls Test Positive for Rat Poison From Marijuana Grows, Study Finds
  2. Football Recruit Declared Ineligible by NCAA for Using CBD Oil to Treat Epilepsy
  3. Humboldt County Grower Culture Meets Vanity for Web Series ‘Canna Cribs’
  4. Mike Tyson Breaks Ground on California Cannabis Resort
  5. Growers Arrested for Refusing to Leave Mendo Complex Fire Evacuation Zone, Caused Firefighters to Divert Air Drops
  6. A Gram of Bud Costs Less Than $5 in Oregon Thanks to Overproduction
  7. California Girl Scout Stirs Controversy By Selling 312 Boxes of Cookies In Front of San Diego Pot Shop; In Humboldt It’s No Big Deal
  8. Expect Gangbuster Deals at California Dispensaries Until July 1; Stores Required to Sell or Toss Old Supplies to Meet State Regulations
  9. Marijuana More Damaging to Teen Brains Than Alcohol, New Study Finds
  10. Oregon Marijuana Growers Turn to CBD Oil as Bud Prices Plummet


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