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Weed Feed: Georgia Parents Lose Custody of Son for Using Marijuana as Seizure Remedy

The Brills interviewed by CBS This Morning.

A Georgia couple has lost custody of their teenage son after they say they gave him marijuana to treat his recurring seizures.

CBS News reports that Matthew and Suzeanna Brill are now fighting to regain custody of their 15-year-old son David, after he tested positive for THC in April. 

David Brill hospitalized for seizures. | Photo from Brill family’s GoFundMe page.

David Brill’s parents told CBS News that he had been seizure-free for 71 days since he began smoking marijuana, the longest he’d ever gone without an episode.

But David Brill was taken from his family by state officials on April 20, and placed in a group foster home after someone tipped the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services off to the teenager’s pot use. He reportedly began having seizures again that same day.

His parents, meanwhile, were charged with reckless conduct and spent six days in jail.

WMAZ in Georgia, who first broke the story, reported last week that the Brills have since started a GoFundMe to cover their lawyer expenses and to fund the costs of moving to a new state with more lax marijuana laws. The page has since raised more than $39,000.

CBS News reports that Georgia has some of the strictest marijuana laws in the country. In Georgia, doctors are not allowed to prescribe medical marijuana and it is illegal to possess the drug. State law does allow some patients to use low-THC CBD oil. However, Brills parents say their son would have to be put on a six year waiting list to receive the state-issued medical card needed to receive the drug.

WMAZ’s report.


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