WEED FEED / John Ross Ferrara / Monday, Sept. 10, 2018 @ 9:09 a.m.

Weed Feed: Watch Joe Rogan Peer Pressure Elon Musk Into Hitting a Blunt

The full interview (forwarded to the moment Musk smokes a fatty).

Elon Musk, the celebrity billionaire known for developing reusable rockets and blasting a car into space, recently showed that no matter how successful we are in life, we’re always susceptible to peer pressure.

Renowned comedian and broadcaster Joe Rogan persuaded the Tesla and SpaceX CEO to smoke weed during his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” on Thursday. The moment came two hours and 10 minutes into the broadcast when Rogan sparked up a blunt.

“Is that a joint or is it a cigar?” Musk asked, watching Rogan take the first hit.

“It’s marijuana inside of tobacco, you ever had that?” Rogan responded.

“Yeah, I think I tried one once,” Musk said.

The entire interview was broadcast live to YouTube, and has since racked up more than eight million views and made national headlines after Rogan pressured Musk into hitting the blunt live on the internet.

“You probably can’t because of stockholders right?” Rogan said during the interview, seemingly egging Musk on.

“I mean it’s legal, right?” Musk asked as he took the blunt from Rogan, sniffing it curiously before taking a puff.

The incident reportedly caused Tesla stock to take a nosedive before it rebounded this morning. The U.S. Air Force, which uses SpaceX technology, is reportedly also a bit uneasy about the incident. An Air Force official told The Verge that the military branch is trying to figure out how to handle Musk’s recent pot use.

“It’s inaccurate that there is an investigation,” an Air Force spokesperson told The Verge Friday. “We’ll need time to determine the facts and the appropriate process to handle the situation.”

Musk recently made Humboldt headlines when he contacted the Arcata company Wing Inflatables in hopes of developing a device to rescue the youth soccer team that was trapped inside a cave in Thailand for more than two weeks in July.


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